Abstract Space

A pro­ject by Ricardo Gant­sch­nigg


This is a per­so­nal pro­ject to obtain illus­tra­ti­ons or rather pho­to­graphs for the con­cept book “55.760 cm²”.

I crea­ted some nice struc­tures by expe­ri­men­ting with the shut­ter speed of my camera and a scan­ner. I star­ted with a 3D-Render of a geo­me­tric room and some sheets with sim­ple line­work. Finally I crea­ted a pos­ter and used it for the con­cept book.


Ricardo Gant­sch­nigg

Ricardo Gant­sch­nigg is a young Free­lance Desi­gner based in Kuf­stein, a small town in Tyrol. He cur­rently is finis­hing his Mas­ter Degree on the Uni­ver­sity of Applied Stui­des FH-Salzburg. He works for dif­fe­rent cli­ents in various fields of gra­phic design: Illus­tra­tion, cor­po­rate and brand iden­ti­ties, typo­gra­phy, print-design, web and inter­ac­tion design.


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  1. Peter
    Juni 26, 2014

    Gefällt mir wirk­lich sehr gut! Schöne Arbeit!

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