An illus­tra­tion by Verena Miche­litsch

Tagwerk Bags

Tagwerk – Closeup of the Illustration

Tagwerk – Poster

Tagwerk – Buttons

Tagwerk – Overview

Tagwerk Animation


Tag.werk is an employ­ment pro­ject for ado­le­scents. tag.werk pro­du­ces uni­que copies of bags, made out of recy­cled truck tarps.

The idea was to create a sim­ple modu­lar con­cept to create gra­phics and illus­tra­ti­ons to create announ­ce­ments for events and hap­pe­nings in the store in a quick, sim­ple and visually impact­ful way.

Gra­phic Design & Illus­tra­tion: Verena Miche­litsch
Logo design: Cari­tas

Verena Miche­litsch

Verena Michelitsch Portrait
Verena Miche­litsch an Aus­trian gra­phic desi­gner and illus­tra­tor, living and working in NYC. After being an Art Direc­tor and foun­ding mem­ber of En Garde, a design stu­dio based in Graz, Aus­tria, she moved to NYC to work for Sag­meis­ter & Walsh, Pen­ta­gram Design and RoAndCo. She loves to work on bran­ding, illus­tra­tion and art direc­tion projects.


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