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Most gree­ting cards cele­brate happy events, and express warm and fuzzy sen­ti­ments that would brigh­ten up the days of those who receive them—however, people invol­ved in awk­ward situa­tion may be even more in need of a nice card.

The crea­tors of Unplea­sant Gree­tings have attemp­ted to close this gap in the mar­ket by com­ing up with gree­ting cards that are desi­gned to offer encou­ra­ge­ment when some­thing embar­ras­sing has happened.

For instance, there is a card for being rejec­ted by a hot girl and ano­ther one for get­ting com­ple­tely was­ted after a night of drinking.

More at: unpleasant-greetings.tumblr.com

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Traktor Wien

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