​Art Direc­tion & Design Aizo­ne, a luxu­ry depart­ment store in the Midd­le East. Taking the vibrant natu­re of the brand and pre­sen­ting it in cam­pai­gns that are prin­ted in news­pa­pers, maga­zi­nes, and bill­boards throughout Leba­non.

Crea­ti­ve Direc­tor: Ste­fan Sag­meis­ter
Art Direc­tor, Desi­gner: Jes­si­ca Walsh
Pho­to­gra­pher: Hen­ry Har­grea­ves

Body Pain­ter: Ana­sta­sia Dura­so­va
Crea­ti­ve Retou­cher: Erik Johans­son
Hair Sty­list: Gre­go­ry Alan
Pro­du­cer: Ben Nabors, Group Theo­ry
Pro­duc­tion Desi­gners: John Fur­ga­son, Andy Eklund

Ste­fan Sag­meis­ter

… has worked for the Rol­ling Stones, The Tal­king Heads, Lou Reed, and The Gug­gen­heim Muse­um. Exhi­bi­ti­ons on Sagmeister’s work have been moun­ted in New York, Phil­adel­phia, Tokyo, Osa­ka, Seo­ul, Paris, Lau­sanne, Zurich, Vien­na, Pra­gue, Colo­gne & Ber­lin.


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