A bran­ding by Vere­na Miche­litsch

Bartaile – business card

Bartaile – Pattern

Bartaile – label

Bartaile – Bag Ad

bartaile - card

bartaile – editorial design

bartaile - campaign photo


Inspi­red by a busy life­style, Bar­taile makes bags that trans­form to back­packs. The brands name is inspi­red by a bird, the bar­taile god­wit that can tra­vel for miles wit­hout a stop.

The logo­ty­pe is a cus­to­mi­zed typeface, based on Brown by Line­to. The ange­led fea­ther icon sym­bo­li­zes dyna­mism. Based on the brand icon, I crea­ted a pro­prie­ta­ry pat­tern which is app­lied to packa­ging and tis­sue paper.

Logo Design, Bran­ding, Art Direc­tion, Illus­tra­ti­on: Vere­na Miche­litsch
Pho­to­gra­phy: Bar­taile

Vere­na Miche­litsch

Verena Michelitsch Portrait
Vere­na Miche­litsch an Aus­tri­an gra­phic desi­gner and illus­tra­tor, living and working in NYC. After being an Art Direc­tor and foun­ding mem­ber of En Gar­de, a design stu­dio based in Graz, Aus­tria, she moved to NYC to work for Sag­meis­ter & Walsh, Pen­ta­gram Design and RoAnd­Co. She loves to work on bran­ding, illus­tra­ti­on and art direc­tion pro­jec­ts.

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