Dri­vers of our Urban Future

A pro­ject by Now Design + Direc­tion

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The publi­ca­ti­on Dri­ves of our Urban Future out­lines lear­nings from the Audi Urban Future Initia­ti­ve.

It aims to estab­lish a dia­lo­gue about urban mobi­li­ty and sustainab­le and enjoy­a­ble ways to move from one place to ano­t­her. The bilin­gu­al publi­ca­ti­on con­tains four chap­ters of fac­ts and insights of decisi­ve chan­ges in city and socie­ty.

Design: Now

Now Design + Direc­tion

Now  Design + Direc­tion is a Vien­na based design stu­dio foun­ded by Chris­toph Alm­a­sy and Paul Leicht­fried. We focus on brand iden­ti­ty, mul­tich­an­nel edi­to­ri­al and infor­ma­ti­on design.

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