Ein Pro­jekt von Salon Alpin

Falter Inferno

Falter Inferno


Ajour­ney through 8 levels of hell — »FALTER INFERNO«. Salon Alpin got asked to pro­du­ce and illus­tra­te the new cine­ma spot for the Aus­tri­an news­pa­per Fal­ter. This inter­pre­ta­ti­on of dante’s infer­no takes you on a jour­ney through 8 lay­ers of hell.

The team’s visi­on was to illus­tra­te the modern, 21st cen­tu­ry take on hell whe­re peop­le are stuck in smart pho­ne jails, big bro­ther is watching you, civil cou­ra­ge is mis­sing and fac­to­ry farms pro­du­ce our food. The clo­sing line and claim of Fal­ter, Hol mich hier raus, trans­la­tes loo­se­ly to Get me out of here. A clear mes­sa­ge to end this meta­pho­ri­cal spot and con­tem­pora­ry take on the dark side of today’s life: the only escape from everyday’s mad­ness is rea­ding Fal­ter, gai­ning infor­ma­ti­on and forming your own opi­ni­on.

Cli­ent: Fal­ter Ver­lags Gmbh
Agen­cy: Jung von Matt Donau (Con­cept Script)
Team Alpin: Phil­ipp Coma­rel­la, Simon Gries­ser, San­dra Reichl, João Faria (Style Dev., Ani­ma­ti­on and Art Direc­tion)
Music & Sound Design: Fifth Music – Mathi­as Hack­stei­ner

Salon Alpin

Salon Alpin ist ein Stu­dio für Visu­el­le Pro­duk­ti­on, das in Fel­dern Visu­al Art, Typo­gra­phy, Gra­phik­de­sign, Illus­tra­ti­on, Ani­ma­ti­on, Film und Musik gemein­sam mit Freun­den, Agen­tu­ren und wer­ten Kun­den kom­mer­zi­el­le und freie Pro­jek­te umsetzt.
Immer mit star­kem Drang zum Geschich­ten erzäh­len, Geil­heit auf inter­dis­zi­pli­nä­rens Arbei­ten und gro­ßer Freu­de an Hand­ge­mach­tem.

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