Fif­ty-Five Things.

Per­fec­tion and Pro­cras­ti­na­ti­on in the Per­for­mance Socie­ty.


My bache­lor the­sis dis­cus­ses the phe­no­me­non of the per­for­mance socie­ty. It ques­ti­ons the foun­da­ti­on, back­ground and con­se­quen­ces of per­fec­tio­n­ism, com­pul­si­ve need for con­trol and per­for­mance pres­su­re, and it exp­lains dif­fe­rent ways and effec­ts of leisu­re and recrea­ti­on on crea­ti­vi­ty and work in gene­ral.

I crea­ted two dif­fe­rent books, one covering the who­le theo­re­tic part of my the­sis, the other one being the prac­ti­cal com­po­nent. In order to pick up on the dis­cus­sion about wor­k­a­ho­lism and con­stant post­po­ne­ment of per­so­nal pro­jec­ts and leisu­re activi­tes, I wan­ted to design a litt­le book­let intro­du­cing 55 things to do befo­re you die as a kind of remin­der of tho­se uni­que, memo­r­able moments in life you should indul­ge in once in a while, to be bra­ve and try some­thing new.

My favou­rite tasks were illus­tra­ted with various custom let­te­rings.

Crea­ti­ve Direc­tion: Marie Zie­ger
Pho­to­gra­phy: Lukas Hai­der

Marie Zie­ger

Marie Zie­ger is a let­te­ring artist, edi­to­ri­al afi­cio­na­do and gra­phic desi­gner working and living in Graz, Aus­tria. She’s in love with script fonts, role-play­ing video games, mocku­men­ta­ries and play­ing around with dif­fe­rent types of paper or prin­ting methods – still her heart belongs to custom let­te­ring and illus­tra­ted typo­gra­phy.


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