Fol­low the JOHO’s bean

A pro­ject by Wild


Fol­low the jour­ney of the JOHO’s bean through the depths of the Bra­zi­li­an fazen­das.

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You all shall be wild. This is what Aris­tot­les said. Okay, we made that up. Why would Aris­to­te­les say that? Any­way, he might have bet­ter done it becau­se we think it is damn wise. Ever­yo­ne has a right to be wild. And that is why we have foun­ded this agen­cy. We are four hand­so­me dudes, try­ing to make awe­so­me things hap­pen and fight against ugli­ness.
Now we’­ve writ­ten enough words to make the para­graph look good. Alright, just some more so we have 4 rows. Yes, just like that. Nice.

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