Func­tion Engi­nee­ring

By Sag­meis­ter & Walsh


Func­tion Engi­nee­ring spe­cia­li­zes in mecha­ni­cal design and engi­nee­ring for pro­duct deve­lop­ment wit­hin, but not limi­ted to con­su­mer elec­tro­nics, com­pu­ting and net­wor­king, mobi­le, medi­cal, robo­tics, enter­tain­ment, com­mer­ci­al and indus­tri­al equip­ment.

Func­tion approa­ched us to crea­te a new brand iden­ti­ty sys­tem. Nar­ro­wing in on Function’s exper­ti­se in desi­gning hin­ge & linkage mecha­nisms, we desi­gned a typo­gra­phic sys­tem based on a hinge/pivot sys­tem. We expan­ded on the sys­tem by crea­ting a series of icons, illus­tra­ti­ons, and pat­terns which can be used fle­xi­b­ly across various col­la­te­ral in print and online.

Crea­ti­ve Direc­tor: Ste­fan Sag­meis­ter
Art Direc­tor, Desi­gner: Jes­si­ca Walsh
Desi­gner: Wade Jef­free
Ani­ma­ti­on: Joel Voel­ker

Ste­fan Sag­meis­ter

… has worked for the Rol­ling Stones, The Tal­king Heads, Lou Reed, and The Gug­gen­heim Muse­um. Exhi­bi­ti­ons on Sagmeister’s work have been moun­ted in New York, Phil­adel­phia, Tokyo, Osa­ka, Seo­ul, Paris, Lau­sanne, Zurich, Vien­na, Pra­gue, Colo­gne & Ber­lin.


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