In Touch With The Illu­si­on

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In Touch With The Illusion

In Touch With The Illusion

In Touch With The Illusion

In Touch With The Illusion


The Indus­tri­al Design Show is an annu­al event orga­ni­zed by FH Joan­ne­um, Uni­ver­si­ty Of App­lied Sci­en­ces and the Crea­ti­ve Indus­tries Sty­ria. It show­ca­ses gra­dua­ti­on pro­jec­ts of Indus­tri­al Design stu­dents and pro­mo­tes exchan­ge with inter­na­tio­nal indus­try pro­fes­sio­nals.

Typi­cal­ly stu­dents hand­craft phy­si­cal models of their designs and install them in an exhi­bi­ti­on style set­ting, pro­vi­ding addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on on pos­ters and maps. While this method is per­fec­t­ly sui­ta­ble for show­ca­sing the gene­ral appearan­ce of a model, its down­si­de lies wit­hin the sta­tic natu­re of said pro­cess. Sin­ce visi­tors of the exhi­bi­ti­on are not allo­wed to touch the objec­ts in order to pre­vent dama­ge it is dif­fi­cult to demons­tra­te func­tions of a model or show dif­fe­rent varia­ti­ons, use cases and set­tings.

For the 2015 edi­ti­on of the event we were asked to deve­lop a more inter­ac­tive and enga­ging way of pre­sen­ting Indus­tri­al Design exhi­bits by invi­go­ra­ting a sustainab­le and afford­a­ble con­cept of the Volks­wa­gen Mul­tivan: The T–One.

Wer­ner Huber, Roland Maria­cher, Atti­la Pri­mus


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MO:YA (뭐야) is a collec­tive of new media artists and desi­gners foun­ded in Graz, the green heart of Aus­tria.

Our mem­bers are lin­ked by a strong pas­si­on for art, music and tech­no­lo­gy and crea­te moti­on gra­phics, sta­ge designs and AV instal­la­ti­ons.


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