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By Sag­meis­ter & Walsh with Moritz Resl

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The Jewish Muse­um is loca­ted in a beau­ti­ful seven-sto­ry man­si­on in the Upper East side of Man­hat­tan in New York City. It is the preemi­nent muse­um in the United Sta­tes devo­ted to art and Jewish cul­tu­re. The Jewish Muse­um has a renow­ned collec­tion of 30,000 objec­ts that is among the three lar­gest of its kind in the world and dis­tin­guis­hed by its breadth and qua­li­ty. The museum’s reach expands to a diver­se audi­ence through exten­si­ve inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry pro­gramming and con­tem­pora­ry exhi­bi­ti­ons.

While at Sag­meis­ter & Walsh I worked on this pro­ject. Besi­des some font-tou­ch­ing I crea­ted an app that turns a web­cam stream into a Jewish Muse­um illus­tra­ti­on. The goal in reb­ran­ding the muse­um was to con­nect the his­to­ric and con­tem­pora­ry, and enga­ge mul­ti­ple visi­tor genera­ti­ons. The new iden­ti­ty sys­tem we crea­ted is foun­ded on ’sacred geo­me­try‹, an anci­ent geo­metric sys­tem from which the Star of David was for­med. The ent­i­re bran­ding sys­tem is drawn on this grid, from the word and logo mark, to dozens of pat­terns, icons, typo­gra­phy and illus­tra­ti­ons.

Using the­se sys­tems, sta­tio­na­ry, packa­ging, adver­ti­sing cam­pai­gns, pro­mo­tio­nal mate­ri­als, and an immer­si­ve new web­site which will launch in June were desi­gned. This sys­tem invi­tes sur­pri­se and fle­xi­bi­li­ty across all media, while always uni­fied in visu­al lan­guage.

Crea­ti­ve Direc­tor: Ste­fan Sag­meis­ter
Art Direc­tor, Desi­gner: Jes­si­ca Walsh
Design, Illus­tra­ti­on, Ani­ma­ti­on: Zipeng Zhu
Jewish Muse­um Crea­ti­ve Direc­tor: Roy Rub, Seth Labenz
Web­site: Jes­si­ca Walsh, Morey Tal­mor, Clai­re Lin
Ani­ma­ti­on: Pablo Del­can, Hes­ter Kim
Design Assi­s­tan­ce: Jan Novák, Rik­ke Elver­dam, Jor­dan She­vell, Moritz Resl, Ellen Fla­her­ty, Chia-Fang Wu, Sam Gal­vao

Sag­meis­ter & Walsh

Sag­meis­ter & Walsh is a NYC based design firm that crea­tes iden­ti­ties, com­mer­ci­als, web­sites, apps, films, books and objec­ts for cli­ents, audi­en­ces and our­sel­ves.

Moritz Resl is a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­na­ry artist and desi­gner from Vien­na, Aus­tria who was recent­ly based at Sag­meis­ter & Walsh in New York City.

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