Hand­held Sewing Machi­ne

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – final Product

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – Concept

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – Plan

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – prototype drawings

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – different prototypes

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – wooden prototype

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – final product front

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – final product back

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – final product leftside up

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – final product  total front

Nalintu – Handheld Sewing Machine – It's working fine


Sewing machi­nes are get­ting big­ger and more com­plex while mobi­li­ty beco­mes more important in our ever­y­day life. Peop­le are more open to move to dif­fe­rent coun­tries, live in big cities and have small sin­gle flats.

We deve­lop the most com­pact com­pu­ters, all-in-one-pro­duc­ts for tra­vel­ling & out­door activi­ties and smart solu­ti­ons for space limi­ted inte­riors. But the sewing machi­ne was not adjus­ted to our pre­sent situa­ti­on and did gene­ral­ly not chan­ge much in the past. Nål­in­tu (nål: need­le, lin­tu: bird) is a hand­held sewing machi­ne for small apart­ments, tra­vel­ling and out­door craf­ting. The device is not only cha­rac­te­ri­zed by its small dimen­si­ons and ergo­no­mics but also by its dual usa­bi­li­ty.

It works as a sta­tio­na­ry machi­ne as well as a bat­te­ry-dri­ven por­ta­ble hand­held device. To pro­vi­de com­fort and a bet­ter sight onto the stit­ches the uni­que 30° degree ang­led hand­le is desi­gned to fit per­fec­t­ly in your hand and makes sewing more intui­ti­ve and com­for­ta­ble.

Stu­dents Pro­ject, 3rd Semes­ter (FH Joan­ne­um, Graz)
Dura­ti­on: 4 mon­ths

Lau­ra Lang

Laura Lang

Lau­ra Lang is an indus­tri­al design stu­dent at the Uni­ver­si­ty of App­lied Sci­en­ces FH Joan­ne­um in Graz. Befo­re stu­dy­ing she worked as a CAD modell­er in the auto­mo­bi­le indus­try and spent her time doing fine arts.


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  1. Karin Spiegler
    Dezember 28, 2018

    I am inte­rested in buy­ing one one the­se? Would you plea­se send me purcha­se infor­ma­ti­on?

    Thank you

  2. DMIA-Admin
    April 14, 2019

    Hi Karin, Lau­ra will be hap­py to hear from you: lauralang.office@googlemail.com. She made the pro­ject hap­pen and has all the info you need. Best, DMIA

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