NANNA illus­tra­ti­on

Rep­re­sen­ted by Agen­tur Azur


These are some of NANNA’s pro­jec­ts, we like. It’s nice to see, that the artist real­ly had fun doing the work. The illus­tra­ti­ons and the gre­at use of color are a joy for the eye.

Illus­tra­ti­on: NANNA
Rep­re­sen­ted by Agent Azur


Traktor Wien
Nan­na lives in Vien­na, Aus­tria. Nanna’s full name is Nan­na Prie­ler. Nan­na was born in the 90s and is still a 90s girl. Nan­na spent all her child­hood with drea­ming and drawing. Nanna’s work is a mix of hand­ma­de and digi­tal. Nan­na is rep­re­sen­ted by Agent Azur. Nanna’s favou­rite colour is rain­bow. The most important things in Nanna’s life are piz­za and illus­tra­ti­on. Nan­na is working hard to deve­lop her own style. Nan­na likes to sleep in a tent.
Nan­na gives her very best for each pro­ject. Nan­na ado­res the work of Pablo Picas­so. Nan­na fell in love with the oce­an. Nan­na thinks being an illus­tra­tor is real­ly gre­at. Nan­na wants to live in an old house with 10 cats. Nan­na tri­es not to take it too serious­ly. Nan­na will always greet you back.

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