Ogris Debris — See The World

Ein Animation/Illustration von LWZ

Ogris Debris - See The World

Ogris Debris - See The World

Ogris Debris - See The World

Ogris Debris - See The World

Ogris Debris - See The World


An ani­ma­ted musi­cvi­deo for »See The World«, the new sin­gle by elec­tro­nic music duo Ogris Debris. The video deals with our view on rea­li­ty, the media fil­ter and the dai­ly rou­ti­nes in our cra­zy world.

The line See the World like a Bird trig­ge­red many dif­fe­rent inter­pre­ta­ti­ons. Soci­al net­works, the con­sump­ti­on of news and media besi­des ran­dom inter­net phe­no­me­nons, the con­stant stream of infor­ma­ti­on and the gene­ral per­cep­ti­on of the world and rea­li­ty were the main the­mes that inte­rested us. We wan­ted to make a cri­ti­cal obser­va­ti­on while being not too spe­ci­fic and fin­ger-poin­ting. The clash of serious and com­ple­te­ly ran­dom con­tent on soci­al media time­li­nes crea­tes a real­ly absurd image of the world. The ques­ti­on is if we real­ly see the world like a bird if we only expe­ri­ence it through our screens. The con­stant ver­ti­cal moti­on of the video was inspi­red by old-school shoo­ter games — whe­re you would fly over dif­fe­rent levels with your jet or space­ship. This com­bi­ned with the scrol­ling moti­on through our news­feed or time­li­ne led us to crea­te this sur­re­al flight.

Music: Ogris Debris – See The World
Ani­ma­ti­on & Illus­tra­ti­on: LWZ


Release­da­te: 27/11/2015
Cata­log: See The World (DIGAFF 005)
© Affi­ne Records 2015


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