Old Man’s Jour­ney

Game made by Bro­ken Rules


Old Man’s Jour­ney, a soul-sear­ching puz­zle adven­ture, tells a sto­ry of life, loss, and hope. Ent­ren­ched in a beau­ti­ful­ly sun­kis­sed and hand­craf­ted world, embark on a heart­felt jour­ney inter­wo­ven with ligh­the­ar­ted and pres­su­re-free puz­zle sol­ving.

A visu­al nar­ra­ti­ve about life’s pre­cious moments, bro­ken dreams, and chan­ged plans, unco­ver sto­ries of the old man’s life told through beau­ti­ful vignet­tes of his memo­ries. Inter­ac­ting with the sere­ne and whim­si­cal envi­ron­ment, sol­ve play­ful puz­zles by sha­ping the land­s­cape, and gro­wing the hills to crea­te the old man’s path for­ward. Find yours­elf trans­por­ted to a vibrant and medi­ta­tively delight­ful world as you immer­se yours­elf in inqui­si­ti­ve puz­zles, and explo­re the com­ple­xi­ties of hearta­che, reg­ret, and hope through the old man’s eyes.

Built with inten­ti­on, soul, hones­ty, and can­dor, the rela­ta­ble sto­ry of Old Man’s Jour­ney was desi­gned to show­ca­se uni­ver­sal truths that trans­cend across cul­tures and the many sta­ges of life. The team behind the game, Felix and Cle­mens of Bro­ken Rules, were inspi­red to crea­te the Old Man’s Jour­ney upon struggling to find balan­ce in their own lives bet­ween fami­ly, care­er, and fol­lo­wing their dreams. A con­cept that emo­tio­nal­ly con­nec­ted with them and they belie­ved would reso­na­te with many, they sought out to take play­ers on a heart­felt expe­ri­ence of reflec­tion, told through the tou­ch­ing life sto­ry of an old man. They’­ve worked tireless­ly to com­bi­ne the rich, hand­craf­ted world, inqui­si­ti­ve puz­zles, and heart­felt nar­ra­ti­ve of the old man’s unful­fil­led pro­mi­ses and rea­li­zed dreams into what they belie­ve is a timel­ess­ly rela­ta­ble expe­ri­ence.


Felix Bohatsch, Bro­ken Rules
Pro­ject Lead, Game Design

Cle­mens Scott, Bro­ken Rules
Crea­ti­ve Direc­tor, Art

Jan Hackl, Bro­ken Rules

Andrew C. Rohr­mann
Audio Direc­tor

Bri­an Main
Ani­ma­ti­on and Addi­tio­nal Art

Salon Alpin
Visu­al Nar­ra­ti­ve

Ste­fan Kern­jak
Tech­ni­cal Artist

Julia Ange­rer
Tech­ni­cal Art Intern

Doris Ras­tin­ger
Visu­al Nar­ra­ti­ve Intern


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Bro­ken Rules is an inde­pen­dent game stu­dio based in Vien­na, Aus­tria. We make down­load­a­ble games with refi­ned game mecha­nics.

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