Pop Artoons

A pro­ject by Teo­do­ru Badiu


The works pre­sen­ted here are a few selec­ted ones from my latest, per­so­nal, Art Print Pro­ject cal­led Pop Artoons.

The main goal of the Pro­ject was to crea­te a series of art prints that will be attrac­tive for adults as well as for child­ren for dif­fe­rent rea­sons. Ano­t­her goal of the pro­ject was the per­so­nal pro­mo­ti­on and in the same time also the try to push the 3D works and cha­rac­ter designs works that I have crea­ted toward the Pop Art / Low Brow / Pop Sur­rea­lism move­ment.

The Pro­ject is divi­ded in three bodies of works, Dead Wood, Skull Toons and the name giver Pop Artoons.

The Dead Wood and the Pop Artoons works are based on my cha­rac­ter drawings and are my own designs. For the Skull Toons I deci­ded to use a kind of hybrid bet­ween clas­sic car­toons cha­rac­ters and my skull design. I was awa­re that that the Skull Toons will gather more atten­ti­on and I used them as a kind of magnet to attract atten­ti­on for the other works that I crea­ted.

The Print Pro­ject will be released with the help from the won­der­ful Vere­na Weiss and Peter Olschin­sky through Ate­lier Olschin­ky Art Store.

The works from the first part of the Print Pro­ject are alrea­dy avail­ab­le as Fine Art Print on Hahne­mueh­le Pho­to Rag Bright White 310g.

Limi­ted Edi­ti­on / Num­be­red and signed at: artstore.olschinsky.at

The works from the other two parts of the Pro­ject will be avail­ab­le in the near future via Ate­lier Olschin­ky Art Store.

 Credits: Teo­do­ru Badiu

Teo­do­ru Badiu

Teo­do­ru Badiu is an illus­tra­tor, cha­rac­ter desi­gner and 3D artist living in Vien­na, Aus­tria. To bring his visi­ons to life, he works with dif­fe­rent kinds of media, from pho­to­gra­phy to 3D and vec­tor to tra­di­tio­nal drawing col­la­ge or mixed media. The way of com­bi­ning all tho­se ele­ments hel­ped him to deve­lop a very uni­que gra­phic style with a color­ful and bright color palet­te but with slight­ly dark messa­ges.
But even if his cheer­ful, bizar­re, and color­ful cha­rac­ters in their fan­tastic envi­ron­ment seem to be a litt­le menacing some­ti­mes, they are fri­end­ly in the end.

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