Rincón didác­tico

A pro­ject by Bir­git Loh­mann


Rincón didác­tico is a toy store that sells didac­tic toys to kin­der­gar­dens and schools in San­tia­go de Chi­le.

Becau­se they wan­ted to chan­ge their cor­po­ra­te design, they asked us for help. The design I deve­lo­ped, that is clear and simp­le, also appears human and just sim­pa­ti­co. The design should spot­light the colour­ful pro­duc­ts, but still be reco­gnis­able and spe­cial. Besi­des the paper bags and web­site, I hel­ped desi­gning the new shop. The audi­ence group, kin­der­gar­den tea­chers and pri­ma­ry school tea­chers, should get a pro­fes­sio­nal impres­si­on of the com­pa­ny. With a litt­le smi­le.

This design won the chi­le­an design award for the best cor­po­ra­te design in the cate­go­ry gra­phic design 2013 of the 5th Pre­mio Chi­le Dise­ño.

Cli­ent: Rincón didác­tico
Design: Bir­git Loh­mann & Agen­cia Feli­cidad

Bir­git Loh­mann

Bir­git Loh­mann deve­lops Cor­po­ra­te Design and Edi­to­ri­al Design. She stu­di­ed Media Design in Aus­tria and went to San­tia­go de Chi­le for an exchan­ge semes­ter. She gai­ned work expe­ri­ence in Vien­na and worked for a year for Agen­cia Feli­cidad in San­tia­go de Chi­le. Sin­ce 2014 she lives in Vien­na.

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