Stea­dy Gaze

A pro­ject by Dani­jel Tomic


Music video for the band Bio­nic Babies. To visual­ly recon­struct the song’s pre­vai­ling moods, eupho­ria and thought­ful­ness, the video shows a rhyth­mic inter­play of slow moti­on record­ings and color con­trasts that stands as a visu­al ana­lo­gy to the lyrics.

 Credits: Con­cept, Direc­tion, Post Pro­duc­tion: Dani­jel Tomic

Dani­jel Tomic

My name is Dani­jel Tomic. I am spe­cia­li­sing in con­cep­tu­al image making, both moving and still. I am avail­ab­le for free­lan­ce work, as well as col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons.

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