The Myrt­le Gar­den Hotel

A pro­ject by pen­da


Form inte­gra­ted in its sur­roun­ding land­s­cape: The hotel is loca­ted in the out­s­kirts of Xian­gyang in Hub­ei Pro­vin­ce and sits on a small hill wit­hin the lar­gest Myrt­le Flower Gar­den throughout Asia. The design of the hotel was pri­ma­ri­ly focu­sed on pro­vi­ding a soot­hing har­mo­ny bet­ween archi­tec­tu­re and its natu­ral envi­ron­ment.

Exter­nal appearan­ce: Desi­gned to blend into its sur­roun­ding typo­gra­phy, the hotel is par­ti­al­ly inser­ted into the the slo­pe of the hill and offers vary­ing appearan­ce depen­ding on ones point of view. Wherel­se the hotel is read from the north as low to the ground and as a con­ti­nui­ty to its sur­roun­ding land­s­cape, the com­plex opens up towards the South intro­du­cing the busi­ness area to a near­by restau­rant by the lake. A drop-off lane wind its­elf through and under­ne­ath the cir­cu­lar volum­nes and offers a cer­tain level of urba­ni­ty to the hotel’s natu­ral sur­roun­ding.

Inter­nal pro­gram: The lower zone of the hotel hosts all public are­as, which are divi­ded in 3 parts: culi­na­ri­ty, rela­xa­ti­on and busi­ness, each rep­re­sen­ted wit­hin one form-difi­ning cir­cle. The lob­by stret­ches bet­ween the busi­ness and culi­na­ri­ty area com­bi­ning tho­se two to the main public zone of the hotel. Sepe­ra­ted by the drop-off lane, the Spa area gets con­nec­ted to the myrt­le tree park and offe­res a more pri­va­te atmo­s­phe­re. The upper part of the hotel acco­mo­da­tes the pri­va­te are­as with 146 guest-rooms offe­ring a uni­que view on the sur­roun­ding myrt­le tree park. Each cir­cle offers a park with ponds and vege­ta­ti­on in its cent­re sup­por­ting a natu­ral ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem throughout the hotel. Due to the courty­ards, the walk to the hotel­room doe­s­n’t lead the guests through a two­ways-ser­ved, arti­fi­ci­al light­ed hall­way, but as a walk through the park, which gui­des them natu­ral­ly to their room.

Bal­ko­nies as tran­si­tio­nal spaces: Being situa­ted wit­hin a Myrt­le Tree Park, the lay­er of bal­ko­nies ser­ve as con­nec­ting ele­ment bet­ween the Inte­rior of the Hotel and the vege­ta­ti­on of the park. Smal­ler Trees gro­wing on and wit­hin the faca­de lay­er under­line the rela­ti­on bet­ween the arti­ci­al bal­co­ny struc­tu­re and its natu­ral envi­ron­ment. The faca­de-lay­er varies in depth, depen­ding on the ori­en­ta­ti­on of the rooms and pro­vi­de natu­ral ligh­t­ing for the inte­rior. This varia­ti­on crea­tes small bal­ko­nies on the nar­ro­wer zones which exend to lar­ge ter­races on the deeper parts offe­ring a pan­or­amic view to the sur­roun­ding typo­gra­phy.

Eco­lo­gi­cal impact: Pay­ing respect to its natu­ral sur­roun­ding, the hotel also boasts a varie­ty sustainab­le design mecha­nisms that redu­ce its envi­ron­men­tal impact. The bal­co­ny lay­er with the inte­gra­ted vege­ta­ti­on offers natu­ral sha­ding and redu­ces heat gains during the hot sum­mer mon­ths. Every room throughout the hotel is sur­roun­ded by the myrt­le gar­den on one side and a courty­ard on the other, which pro­vi­des natu­ral air ven­ti­la­ti­on when nee­ded. Rain­wa­ter gets collec­ted on the hotels roof and pas­sed on to the 3 courty­ards, whe­re it is stored in tanks and used for flus­hing and irri­ga­ting plants. The­se sustainab­le aspec­ts wit­hin the natu­re-inspi­red design result in one har­mo­nic struc­tu­re which blends into its sur­roun­ding and offers its visi­tors a uni­que, luxu­rious and eco­lo­gi­cal get-away.

 Design team: Graft & pen­da
Pro­jec­t­si­te: Yinji,Xiangyang,China
Hotel­area: 16.800sqm
Hotel­height: 19.8m
Room­n­um­ber: 146


pen­da was estab­lished 2013 by Chris Precht (for­mer office Precht­Eck) and DAyong Sun (pe and da = pen­da). Our stu­di­os are inter­na­tio­nal­ly loca­ted in Vien­na and Bei­jing.

We see archi­tec­tu­re as a state­ment that always starts with ques­ti­ons about the con­tent and the con­text, about iden­ti­ty, den­si­ty and the com­mu­ni­ty of a spe­ci­fic site. That is why we tre­at each and every pro­ject in a uni­que and fresh way and the­re­for the out­co­me is always cos­tum-made.

We try to under­stand archi­tec­tu­re as an pro­fes­si­on of inter­wo­ven disci­pli­nes and con­se­quent­ly deve­lop an inno­va­ti­ve visi­on for soci­al, func­tio­n­al and for­mal issu­es, that will crea­te some­thing mea­ning­ful for the cli­ent while con­tri­bu­ting to the com­mu­ni­ty.

We love what we do, we are pas­sio­na­te about archi­tec­tu­re and deve­lop every pro­ject with the utter­most dedi­ca­ti­on.


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