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A show­re­el made by Gol­den Fox


Much love to all the fri­ends and cli­ents who always belie­ved in the stuff we love to do the most. Let’s do many more good trips to beau­ti­ful pla­ces with beau­ti­ful peop­le we meet along the way.

A very spe­cial thank you goes out to Franz und Vero­ni­ka Wimpf­fen for let­ting uns film at their ama­zing loca­ti­on.


 A Pro­duc­tion by Gol­den Fox
Direc­ted by: Pir­min Juf­fin­ger, Fabi­an Kluhs, Mia Feli­ne
Cine­ma­to­graph­ers: Fabi­an Kluhs, Pir­min Juf­fin­ger, Mar­tin Gressl
Set Design by: Mia Feli­ne
Hair & Make­up by: Manue­la Fech­ter
Edi­ted by: Pir­min Juf­fin­ger, Fabi­an Kluhs, Mia Feli­ne

Post by: Phil­ipp Het­kamp, Ste­pha­ne Marca­no
Color Artist: Ivan Fili­po­vic
Sound­de­sign & Mix by: Rob Büchel – Jing­le Jung­le Zürich
Voice: John McCal­mont
Male Actor: Kevin Bre­re­ton – Stel­la Models
Kids: Raf­fie, Katha­ri­na, Mag­gie, Jan

Gol­den Fox


We are united by our collec­tive hunt for bril­li­an­ce. We put a face on the makers, explo­rers and all tho­se that chal­len­ge their frame of mind. We’ll add our indi­vi­du­al strengths to yours. You’­re bold and want more from visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on — we’­re rea­dy to col­la­bo­ra­te.


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